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Best Smart Cane for the Blind & Visually Impaired

First smart cane with speaker, ultrasonic sensors, & integrated platform offering top of mind safety and tailored individual need.

“Incredible how it makes so many lives easier”

“Significant value for the target group.”

“Offers 3 revolutionary features.”

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Learn how you can be a part of the WeWALK movement

There are 285 million visually impaired individuals worldwide. WeWALK is aiming to make an impact in assistive technology. Be a part of it. Join the movement by signing up today.

World’s First Open Platform Smart Cane with Advanced Tech

360° Ultrasonic Sensor In & Outdoor

Vibration & Sound Alerts
*Only Cane with Sound Notification

Security LED Light

Open Platform for Endless Integrations

User-friendly App

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance

With tested 360º ultrasonic sensors fitting both in & outdoor, Intelligently & instantly notify objects i.e signs, branches often foreseen with white cane.

Smart Phone Integration

WeWALK provides integrations with third party apps like Google map with direct navigation via voice. More possible integrations like calling Uber or Lyft are soon going to be available.

Open Source Platform

With WeWALK ’s SDK and development tools, developers can directly access WeWALK’s core capabilities to build a range of practical solutions to meet all users need.

Easy-to-Use Intuitive Design